We want to ensure that our customers experience reliability and security when they buy an electric ATV from us. As the product is new and ground-breaking, we can only offer a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.


Our warranty responsibility extends for one year from the date of purchase for the Electric ATV or electric trailer. For other products, 2 years apply. During this period, we will cover any errors or deficiencies that arise as a result of manufacturing defects or material defects. If any such problems occur, we will either repair or replace the product, depending on the specific situation.


It is important to note that our warranty coverage does not apply to damage that occurs as a result of normal wear and tear, misuse, accident, abuse or lack of maintenance of the ATV. See user manual. We encourage our customers to follow the owner's manual thoroughly and take care of the vehicle in the right way to avoid unnecessary problems.


In order to make use of the guarantee, we ask our customers to contact us directly and give us all the necessary information about the problem. We will then guide customers through the repair or replacement process and ensure that the problem is resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.


We are dedicated to maintaining our reputation as a reliable electric ATV importer and take responsibility for the quality of the products we supply. Our 1-year warranty is a confirmation of our confidence in our products and our commitment to providing first-class customer service.


We encourage our customers to contact us if they have any questions or concerns regarding warranty liability or any other part of the purchase process. We are here to help and ensure that our customers are satisfied with their purchase of e


Atrå 01.07.2023

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