Safety when using an electric ATV

An ATV is a fantastic tool in both work and leisure. Every year, more people are injured using ATV and deaths have occurred. Therefore, take plenty of time to get to know the machine as well as trained to run the ATV. We also recommend following the Road Traffic Act as well as Safe Traffic's rules: Driving on ATV

The regulations ruled on the use of personal protective equipment in Norway, while driving with a motor vehicle, states that "anyone shall wear an approved guided helmet while driving with a motorbike, two- and three-wheel motor vehicle, ((including four-wheel motorcycle (ATV)), sidecar for motorcycle or in a sled to the motorbike. Exceptions from the rule are under rescue work, reindeer herding and forestry.

Legal data, regulations / 1979-09-21-7

For Sweden, Denmark and Finland, other rules may apply and it is the driver's responsibility to insert themselves into the current rules in their country before ATV is adopted.

AFKA AS and Powerlandatv disclaim any responsibility in connection with the use of the machine in all respects. It is the driver's full responsibility to ensure that the ATV is used in a safe manner.

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